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A&S Elite LLC Joins the KensieMae Family!

We’re excited to let you know that as of July 23, 2021, we have joined the KensieMae family! KensieMae’s acquisition of A&S Elite means that we will be able to provide you with even more services, resources, and solutions. Our decision to join forces with KensieMae was in large part due to the same “client-first” philosophy of both companies. As we hope you have seen firsthand through working with A&S Elite, our team takes incredible pride in the services and support that we provide. Our team will continue to provide excellent services and support as we merge with KensieMae which brings with it even more resources, solutions, and industry leadership.

“The long-term plan for A&S Elite was to grow our teams and diversify our service and product offerings. By joining KensieMae, we are able to fast-track that plan,” Shawna Adams, co-owner of A&S Elite and now SVP of enterprise solutions at KensieMae, stated. “The merge with KensieMae will provide our team access to a more mature internal infrastructure, access to an additional pool of knowledge from a group of high-quality consultants, and access to solutions A&S Elite had yet to develop.”

A&S Elite joining the KensieMae family is basically the Avengers assembling, and we are excited for what this means to our team, our customers, and the road ahead.

Thank you for your partnership, your business, and your trust.


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